Are You Serious About Hitting Your Q1 Billings Target?

Do you monitor and truly comprehend the relationship between your Production (New Job Orders, Subs and Send Outs) and your Billings or Revenue? My "Quarterly Production Planning Program" is a bulletproof methodology for hitting target every Quarter in 2016! Trust and commit to the process and you will "Own The Outcome!"
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      I'm British and started Recruiting in London in the 90's, before I was lured to California on the promise of a mystical weather pattern, unheard of in the UK, called "Sunny with No Chance of Rain". I'm still here and I still love it!

    About Marcus

Cold calling giving you a headache? 10 ideas to establish yourself in a niche.

I would argue that we've reached a point in the Staffing Industry where the rulebook needs rewriting. With so many talented niche market players - generic job order hunting just doesn’t pay the dividends that it used to. ‘Hi, It’s John over at TipTop Talent, we are one of the biggest … [Read More...]

Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Friends! 5 Rules To Help You Build a Robust Candidate Referral Network

Hey Recruiters - are you spending your days just checking in with candidates to see if they are “available” or “interested” in a role you are looking to fill? Stop it! You are wasting a huge opportunity! Let’s be generous and say that 20% of the people you call are actually … [Read More...]

Qualifying the Job Order: 30 Questions

  Just like a golfer tees up the ball to optimize their drive for distance and accuracy - a Recruiter needs to prepare thoroughly before embarking on a candidate Search, to maximize the chances for a successful outcome. Proper qualification of a new requirement or job order is … [Read More...]

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