Are you converting Mobile Candidates?


I’m sure you’ve noticed – the world has gone mobile crazy! The smartphone has really impacted the way we lead our lives – as evidenced in the photo comparison above of at St. Peters Square.
Since the iPhone was launched in 2007, Smartphones have become ubiquitous. We are literally lost without our daily dose of photos, videos, email, news, apps galore, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.

As Recruiters – we know that the next wave of top talent is more than likely to respond to us via their mobile device, because frankly, the best candidates are too busy at work to spend time trolling for the interpipes for their next gig.
So, if you are serious about competing in the war for talent, you need to “skate to where the puck is going to be”. In other words, to intercept that valuable Mobile Talent traffic you’ll need a new set of tools and a definitive strategy that truly embraces the explosive growth in Mobile Talent Engagement.

Sure, most Agencies already have “responsive websites” that shrink to fit mobile devices – but that still doesn’t help potential candidates when it comes time to hit “APPLY”.
The UI was designed specifically for the desktop, so, on your smartphone you need a microscope to find the right buttons and concert pianist fingers to fill out all the requisite forms.

You’re catching the fish but there’s a big hole in your net. So who’s got the time and the expertise to execute properly in this emerging paradigm?

Fortunately for the recruiting industry, two solid solutions have already emerged. Momentous and Jibe are two (competing) companies who have successfully addressed this problem with some pretty slick offerings. They both provide a dedicated platform engineered solely for the purpose of engaging and delivering the Mobile Talent that you are working so hard to reach. Whether it’s a career posting on your website or an aggregated job-ad on Indeed, your precious candidate will click on the position and glide smoothly to your hosted custom Mobile Talent site hosted by your provider of choice. There, they will be met with fabulous big button UI and an A.D.D.-Proof “Apply” process that will convert even the most impatient of smartphone users into a real live applicant. And the best part – it seamlessly integrates with your ATS.

The ROI on these services is high – the platform can literally pay for itself with one additional placement per annum. And since you should be converting as many as five times (5X) your visitors into real applicants, it’s hard to argue against investigating these services right away. Furthermore, both companies consult on strategy for outreach and advertising to ensure you are reaching the maximum number of potential candidates with your advertising dollars.

So if you are serious about converting your mobile talent traffic into bona-fide applicants, I recommend that you check out these platforms right away; you could be up and running within a matter of weeks, with your brand new custom Mobile Talent Engagement solution.
A great place to start is this very digestible Mobile Talent Strategy White Paper by iMomentous

Full disclosure: I recommend/partner with iMomentous. Contact me on 310 558 1000 to arrange a quick online demo.

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