Ten Top Tips To Help Your Candidate “Ace The Interview”.


The Agency Recruiting equation is simple. The more interviews we arrange – the more placements we make.

In fact, everything we do as Recruiters is part of the ongoing effort towards earning another interview request!

And the better our interview-to-close ratio: the more money we make…

But, guess what? Most Recruiters are leaving a ton of money on the table by failing to fully prepare their candidate prior to their sendout/interview!

Let’s use golf as an analogy. Getting an interview request is akin to landing the ball on the green – and closing the deal is like making the putt.

Here’s the problem: most Recruiters aren’t very good putters. Sure, they tell the candidate where to go for the interview and at what time, but then they just cross their fingers and hope for the best!

That’s like putting blindfolded.

Let’s take a few steps back for a moment…

You are a Recruiter.

You understand the key concepts in selling your staffing services because you do it very day.

When you visit a potential Client for the first time – you don’t just sit down in the office, start drumming your fingers and wait for the first question..

No way! You are fully prepared when you walk into your Client’s office to make a killer presentation!

-You’ve researched your Client’s Linkedin profile to understand their background and look for potential icebreakers and connections.

-You’ve studied your Client’s website and understand the market they serve, their products and services, their history and the name of their CEO.

-You’ve checked out Glassdoor.com to see how their employees perceive them.

-You’ve looked online to review their most recent job openings and have two or three sample resumes ready to share.

-You’ve begun to build out an org. chart of your prospect, which you are looking to validate and expand upon during your meeting.

-You have a list of questions prepared to help you uncover your prospect’s hiring history, process and problems.

-You know that probing, listening intently and solving problems is key- and you are ready to customize your staffing solutions on the spot, to directly meet your prospect’s hiring needs and challenges.

In other words: You know how to make a great sales call!

OK. Newsflash: a job interview is also a sales call!

The candidate is presenting him/herself to a Client – and looking to walk away with a job offer.

But the interview will not go very well, if the candidate just sits there passively, hoping to get asked all the right questions…

How does all of this relate back to my golfing analogy?

Well, making putts is like making placements.

There are a multiple factors to take into consideration when you need to make an important putt. The distance to the hole, the slope of the green, the speed of the grass all need to be factored in. You don’t just go up and whack it.

It’s the same for preparing candidates for job interviews or “send outs”

Letting them show up without a plan is a mug’s game! You need to prepare your candidate to make a proactive presentation to the hiring manager, by matching his/her skills, experience and achievements directly to the specific requirements of the role for which he/she is interviewing!

Or in golfing parlance – you need to “line up the putt”!

Help your candidate turn the tables with a sales-style presentation to the hiring manager, focusing on his/her skills, experience and achievements that leave the interviewer with only one option: to extend the offer!

Share the following Top Ten Tips with your candidate:

1. Research the hiring manager’s Linkedin profile to understand his/her profile and background. Look for potential icebreakers and connections.

2. Study the company’s website and understand the market they serve, their products and/or services, their history and the name of their CEO.

3. Break the ice and then demonstrate your knowledge and interest by asking specific questions related to the job, the company and the hiring manager him/herself. (“What was it that attracted you to the firm?”)

4. Confirm the essential requirements for the position with the hiring manager, to set the table for your presentation. Flush out any additional areas of interest that you may be able to speak to.

5. Connect the dots and relate your skills, experience and achievements directly to the essential job requirements (as confirmed with the hiring manager) as well as the “nice to haves”. Don’t be afraid to highlight additional non-essential areas of expertise, with examples, that tie back in to the role in question.

6. Ask questions around current and future projects and initiatives – and confirm the hiring managers expectations around performance and execution for the position. Look for “hot buttons” or areas of extreme focus and speak directly to your expertise and commitment in those areas.

7. Share a couple of professional success stories and achievements that highlight the skills that the hiring manager has confirmed he is looking for.

8. Show personal strength by sharing some of your ideals and values that make you successful in the execution of your duties at work.

9. Don’t be afraid to share a couple of tidbits from outside your professional life – to show personality and openness. A little self-deprecating humor can also go a long way!

10. Confirm your interest again in the role and summarize the benefits of bringing you on board. Ask the Client if there are any areas that require further clarification and request some feedback on your interview!

And there you have it. Ka-ching! Done deal!

Proper preparation followed by solid execution of this methodology will help your candidates “ace the interview” every time – by leaving nothing to chance and showcasing all their relevant skills, experience and achievements right up front.

So come on then, let’s make some putts!

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