Are you Uber-ready to succeed in YOUR market?


It doesn’t matter what you are selling – Staffing or Taxi Rides, if you can clearly articulate your “Value Proposition” and definitively solve at least one key problem in your marketplace – then you’ve got a clear pathway to success.

First, let’s look at the definition of “Value Proposition”:

‘an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers’

Boiled down even further – it’s the reason people engage with, or buy from you.

Now, I’ve recently discovered – and become a huge fan of UBER – the car service/mobile app.

Their value proposition is so powerful that it blows the traditional Taxi model out of the water!

And it got me thinking about the actual PROBLEMS that Uber’s Value Proposition solves…

1. Tap the app, car arrives. (you can even watch it arriving on your UBER screen – cool!)

SOLVES biggest problem of all: availability. “You can never get a taxi when you need one”. (Umbrella , anyone?)

2. No cash/credit card or tip required! 

SOLVES next big problem – payment. Who carries cash anymore? Not me! Added to which, taxi drivers are useless and painfully (deliberately?) slow at credit card processing. And tipping? Why?

With UBER – you enter you credit card details ONCE ONLY when you download the app  – and you are UBER ready to go!

You can even catch an UBER car when you lose your wallet! (Just hold on to your phone!)

3. Clean car – GPS – Courteous drivers. 

SOLVES 3 pet peeves: 

  1. Let’s face it – taxi-cabs are not celebrated for their cleanliness. In fact, sometimes you wish you’d worn a Hazmat suit! Well, UBER drivers have lovely, clean, new cars – twice now, I’ve been in an UBER car that was less than a week old! Love that new car smell!
  2. Taxi drivers never know where they are going!  (Unless you are in a London Cab- best in world). With UBER, you enter your destination into the app before your UBER car even arrives, and voila!, there it is (your destination) on your Driver’s GPS when you jump in. Marvellous – “home James and step on it!”
  3. Taxi drivers aren’t always the happiest, customer-centric individuals. UBER drivers, however, are some of the coolest, cheerful and helpful people you could ever hope to meet!

Finally, as if to add insult to injury, UBER cars are (in my experience) much cheaper than Taxis!  Unbelievable!

It’s the ultimate no-brainer. Wave goodbye to the taxi-cab industry…

Uber’s success (18bn valuation) comes as a direct result of their ability to squarely address and solve most, if not all, of the user problems and annoyances associated with the taxi-cab experience.

 And exactly how does this relate to the Staffing Industry?

In your Permanent Placement or Consulting Practice, are you clear about the PROBLEMS that YOUR value proposition solves? Can you position your product or service to your prospects as a “No-Brainer”?

We need to addend the definition of Value Proposition from  ‘an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers’ to:

‘an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers which definitively solves the key problems widely experienced by the majority of targeted users.

The Staffing and Recruiting industry is at an all time competitive high right now. There is an ocean of “recruiters” out there and a serious shortage of available talent!

Therefore it’s incumbent upon you to clearly identify your target customer’s talent acquisition needs and challenges – and weave the solution to those problems right into your Value Proposition – if you want to turbo-charge your business development and resourcing efforts and separate yourself from the legions of other Recruiters out there!

Or, you could just carry on making tons of cold calls – and hope for the best…



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