More Billings Please!

Has your Agency plateaued?

There are three key ingredients to revenue growth:

Great People + Proven Process + Training & Development = Success.

Harness all three together – et voila! You’ve got yourself a scalable, bulletproof Recruiting Practice with hockey stick growth.

Too many recruiters fail to plan their day properly and postpone “the tough stuff” or activities without an immediately visible return til it’s too late. For those GTD (“Getting Things Done” by David Allen) advocates –  this is the equivalent of focusing on The Urgent rather than The Important. This “reactive” mode of recruiting quickly dilutes an individual’s potency in the market and stunts professional growth leading to diminishing returns at their desk.

Profitable Growth Planning for Recruiters takes “chance” out of the equation and equips you and your staff with the right framework to achieve predictable and measurable success through a proven, disciplined approach.

The Managed, Modular Day Plan includes:

  • Watertight Day Planning and Preparation
  • List Building/Search Creation
  • Targeting Clients/Winning Market Share
  • Goal Setting/ Metrics Management
  • Candidate Marketing/Client Visits
  • Headhunting and Sourcing
  • Lead Generation/ Pipeline Development
  • LinkedIn Development
  • Value Add/Social Media/Group Interaction

How many of your Recruiters or Account Managers adhere to a measurable daily desk plan to incorporate most of the above?

How do you manage and measure activity and results so that everyone benefits?

Are your KPI/Metrics constructive and attainable?

How many of your Recruiters or Account Managers just “blast away” instead – hoping for the next Candidate or Client to fall into their laps?

Recruitment is no longer just a numbers game.

Volume is critical – yes. But without Quality, you’re sunk!

I will equip you with the tools and behaviour your Agency needs to excel and grow in the market of 2017 and beyond.

Call me on 310 570 7799 to discuss how to inspire your team to new heights and boost your billings, big time.



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