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beach-ipadThe proliferation of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices in general have provided another great avenue for Enterprises and Staffing Agencies to reach potential applicants.

Passive candidates (that most elusive and sought after strain of talent!) don’t spend their days at work surfing the interpipes for new opportunities.

You’ve got to catch them on their mobile…

Evenings, weekends – that’s the right time to reel in the top talent; when they aren’t sitting in front of their computer because they are face down into their iPad. Then you have to grease the path right back to your front door. Which begs a few questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your mobile Engage: Apply ratio?
  • Does your desktop UI really lend itself to applicants who wish to engage with you via their Mobile Device?
  • Is your Apply Now process “mobile simple” enough to capture the busiest of candidates?
  • Are you letting the best talent slip right through the net?

Sure, we all have “Responsive” websites that shrink to fit a plethora of mobile gizmos – but don’t you think it’s time to customize the mobile experience to effectively leverage your target talent’s device of choice?

Enter iMomentous. Not an App – but a Company who’ve developed a singularly focused talent acquisition platform that streamlines, beautifies and simplifies the mobile device application process. Integrated seamlessly and strategically into your business for maximum results.

Big Buttons, LinkedIn compatibility, One Click Apply – a custom mobile interface and tools that dramatically improves the user experience and results in exponentially increased conversions. (Fresh Candidates!)

We all know that the world has gone mobile-crazy,  but the question is:

“Are you ready to engage your mobile customers with a custom strategy to maximize conversions and significantly increase the ROI on your advertising spend”?

A great place to start is his very digestible Mobile Talent Strategy White Paper

I’m working closely with iMomentous to engage forward thinking Staffing Industry players who are serious about capitalizing on the new mobile talent acquisition paradigm.

Call me on 310 558 1000 to find out out how iMomentous can work for you.

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