Recruiter Assessment

The Recruiter Assessment Program is an invaluable tool to determine both the Activity and Skill levels of each of your team-members. It is designed to allow you to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your current workforce and process in order to determine the need for future personnel development, training and hiring.

The Recruiter Assessment Phase is divided into Activity and Skills.

1. Determinations around Activity:

  • Annual and Quarterly Targets
  • Daily and Weekly Desk Plan
  • Performance against Metrics/KPI’s (plus adoption of metrics to drive desk plan/activity)
  • Target Market Identification and Intelligence Gathering, Penetration
  • New Business Development, Calls, VisitsExisting Client Development, Intelligence and Penetration
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Recruiting Candidates
  • Pipelining Candidates (Active and Passive)
  • Lead Generation, Referrals, Referencing
  • Candidate Marketing
  • Placement Metrics (Job Order: Placement Ratio, Submit to Interview/Fill Ratio, Interview to Fill Ratio)
  • Future Client and Talent Engagement Activities: (Meetups, Use Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Positngs, Blogging, Twitter, StackOverflow, Github)

2. Determinations around Skills:

  • Client Engagement Strategy and Execution
  • Candidate Engagement, Sourcing Methodologies, Pipelining, Recruiting
  • Target Market Data and Intelligence Gathering and Penetration
  • Candidate Engagement Strategy and Execution
  • Technical Knowledge, Commitment to Learning
  • Job Order Qualification, Resume Presentation and Rate/Salary Negotiation
  • Candidate Preparation, Pre-Closing and Closing
  • Niche Engagement and Understanding
  • Lead Generation and Reference Calling
  • Candidate Marketing
  • Social Media Recruiting, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Following the completion of the Recruiter Assessment – you will be presented with a Summary Report on each individual with recommendations for training and development necessary to reach full potential.

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