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Can your team see the forest for the trees? What are the steps you need to take to become a Big Biller today? My modular training and tools will balance your effort across an arsenal of proactive initiatives thus giving you the knowledge and confidence to execute and compete at the highest level.

Modular in design, the program is customized to meet the needs of Full Desk or Split Desk Recruiters and Account Managers.

Cold Callers beware. These days, Recruiting is a lot more than a numbers game. Sure, you have to do the reps, but nobody is dishing out easy requirements anymore just because you need to make your rent. You have to provide value. And you have to drive that value through every deal you do to ensure that you satisfy all parties involved. Candidates, Clients and of course, you. There’s less low-hanging fruit than ever before. The proliferation of Agencies, big and small, plus the transparency of the marketplace due to LinkedIn and other Social tools, have literally numbed the Client and Candidate population to all but the most sophisticated and value-ridden approaches.

The mechanics of the industry remain largely unchanged though. We talk to clients. We talk to candidates. We follow up. We facilitate. Then we do it again.
To be successful in today’s marketplace – you need the right environment PLUS a studied and focused approach. A comprehensive desk plan, predictable and consistent wins and a delivery driven growth strategy are the foundations of a successful desk. Add some personality, passion and persistence and the sky’s the limit.

  1. Solution Selling: Satisfying your client’s needs by understanding their business and initiatives in order to intercept requirements with pipelined candidates. Understanding and sharing the business problems that your clients are trying to solve.
  2. Client Visits: The benefits of face to face communication. Your value proposition. How to propose and execute a Client Visit.
  3. Time Management: Task Preparation and List Building, Block and Tackle methodologies, Goal Setting, Execution.
  4. Candidate Marketing: Identification and proactive marketing of qualified, referenced candidates to open doors, generate clients visits at targeted clients
  5. Sourcing: Identification and development of targeted talent pool to meet existing requirements and build candidate pipeline through non transactional selling.
  6. Interviewing and Selling to Candidates: How to interview a candidate, understand their motivations and sell into their “Buyers Gap” and differentiate yourself from other recruiters
  7. Lead Generation: Identification of potential leads for new business through candidate pipeline development.
  8. Referrals: Getting candidate referrals without using the word “referral”.
  9. Securing the Interview: Selling the Candidate, Resume Submission, Protocol and Opportunity
  10. Taking the requirement: Comprehensive overview of one of the most critical and opportunistic elements of the recruitment process (Urgency, Needs, Process, Expectations)
  11. Obtaining References: Importance, Process and Opportunity
  12. Rejection : Managing expectations through development of the Value Proposition and positive reinforcement of the Recruitment Process

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