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1055869_hires2Empty desks or the wrong people are the arch-enemy of an Agency’s growth plans. Ironically, we often don’t mirror the success we have recruiting for our clients, inside our own organizations. Let me help you get the right people on board and you’ll be off to the races.

You’ve hired a few Superstars – but you’ve also hired individuals whose best day ended up being…. the day that you interviewed them!

I’m a big believer in “grow your own” big billers. Graduates with guts. Individuals who can evidence the right mix of determination, passion, smarts and persistence required to be successful in our industry.

Of course, opportunities do occasionally arise to acquire experienced talent from the competition – but many of your hires will arrive without staffing experience. To that end – I  know the DNA of the candidates you are looking engage with.

Your Vision + Great People + Proven Process = Success.

I am constantly talking to both experienced and potential salespeople/recruiters.

Let me help you grow your team with the right people to yield the very best results for your Agency.

Call me on 310 558 1000 to discuss how we can grow a successful sales team together.


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I am fascinated by the spectrum of challenges facing Recruiters and Agencies in their quest to grow revenue. What is the biggest problem you are facing right now? I will get back to you inside 24 hours with some real pearls of wisdom...

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